What Else Can You Do with Lactase?

2014-06-21 5

A few months ago, I thought I had an intolerance against the milk sugar lactose. I got stomach aches every time I ate something with milk in it so I used lactase to prevent it. But when I consulted a doctor to be tested, they said it was something else.

Some time later, the aches were gone and I forgot that I have stored the lactase in my bathroom until I cleaned my medicine cabinet.

“Why should I throw them away?” I thought, and had the idea to make an experiment with some film stuff.

Credits: pasadena85

The lactase medicine was expired months ago but the package was still half-full so I decided to make a lactase film soup:

My recipe:

  • Boil some water.
  • Take the lactase and dissolve it in water.
  • Leave the film soup to cool down.

After cooling down, put your film in the soup or vice versa – the soup in the film canister and leave it there for a few hours.

If you don’t like to wait any longer, you need to find a way to dry your film. I did the drying part it in a special way. First, I put the film in a really cold freezer after which I let it out in the air to dry.

Voila, you are now free to load your camera with the film and make some nice photos.

I made some lactase soup film and shot with my Holga 135 and the macro lenses:

The results are very different, sometimes the results are very weak…

Credits: pasadena85

…but sometimes the effects are very strong…

Credits: pasadena85

While some pictures are very abstract…

Credits: pasadena85
I’m very happy with this photo since it wasn’t destroyed.

You can find more photos in my album._

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translated by juflo


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