Lomography Cameras Spotted!!


The UK Marketing Manager has been on the lookout for Lomography cameras in the press and media. See what she has stumbled upon this month.

I love it when I open a magazine or email and spot a Lomography camera in a cool photoshoot. The other day whilst eating some toast and browsing through my emails I discovered a really striking image in the Stylist newsletter. It made me smile (and drop my toast) as slap bang in the middle of the shot is the La Sardina DIY edition. The best bit is that the model is actually holding the camera correctly too! This was from a GAP fashion shoot, hmmmm, I wonder if they’d be interested in a collaboration ;)

See the full range at GAP right here.
Or follow them on Twitter @UKGap

I also noticed this rather lovely page in GQ magazine about the Belair instant back kit too:

Anyone else spotted our cameras in the papers recently?

written by hannah_brown on 2014-06-05 #news #diy #gap #light-painting #uk #lomography-gallery-store #gallery-store #eastlondon #la-sardina #35mm-films #120-films #londonsoho

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