Then and Now: Famous Photos Reimagined as Selfies


Iconic photos from the past are hard to pass by. They just have this certain look and feel to them that made them memorable but an ad campaign for a newspaper in Cape Town, South Africa put a modern twist on some of them. Here’s a clue – selfies.

What makes an iconic photo unique and memorable? Maybe it’s about the subject, historical relevance or even the technical composition of the photo; the list just goes on and on. What we do know is that impact is a big part of the criteria and these famous photos from the past have lots of it. Behold, iconic photos turned into selfies.

This ad campaign titled “Cape Times Selfies” ran by A Lowe Profile for local South Africa newspaper Cape Times garnered numerous awards for its sheer ingenuity and quirkiness. With the tag line “You can’t get any closer to the news,” the Cape Times Selfies indeed had impact on readers on and off social networking sites.

Cape Times Selfies Images via The Inspiration Room

The vintage feel of some of the photographs are given a livelier, more laid-back feel due to the selfie treatment. This fun take on powerful vintage imagery is sure to gain more fans long after the campaign is over. It’s hilarious to think that *Winston Churchill* would have taken that photo of himself during his heyday, tobacco cigar on his lips and a compact camera in one hand.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from A Lowe Profile via The Inspiration Room.

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