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One of the world’s oldest museums, the British Museum in London is without doubt a fantastic place to visit.

One of the world’s oldest museums, the British Museum in London is without doubt a fantastic place to visit. With its stunning architecture, the vast and almost exhaustive collections and lots of great information it is up to you if you spend an hour or an entire week here.

Some facts: the British Museum was founded more than 250 years ago as the first national public museum of the world. It houses a fabulous collection of classical antiquities, archaeological finds, mummies, coffins, prints, drawings, paintings, coins, medals and other curiosities including the museum’s most famous displays such as the Elgin Marbles, the Rosetta Stone or the Portland Vase.

If you’re not really into museums, no problem, but at least go and have a look at the stunning architecture of the building, truly worth a visit. The Greek Revival facade is 123m (400ft) long with 44 columns, 14m (45ft) high, facing Great Russell Street, which is already impressive. But something really spectacular is waiting inside: the Queen Elizabeth II Great Court, designed by Foster and Partner. The inner courtyard of the Museum was transformed into the largest covered public piazza in Europe, enclosed by a spectacular roof, an amazing glass and steel construction.

Enjoy the visit!

Open daily, and admission is free though there may be a charge for special exhibits.

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    A great place to enjoy !!!
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    Although I usually don't like redscale, here the redscale style works really well with the motif.

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    great gallery, the indoors photos are superb!

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    great location!, love this museum

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    It is really cool!!

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