Summer with Your Shutter: Shoot Against the Sun

2014-06-08 1

Don’t be scared to shoot against the sun.

Back then, I always avoided to shoot against the sun until one day I saw an incredible ray of light. It completely changed my mindset. Since then, I always shoot against the sun if I see a ray of light or spectacular sunset or sunrise in the sky.

Credits: hervinsyah

Use any of your fave lomography cameras such as the *Fisheye No. 2*. I always pass by this monument lamp which reminds me of a shark’s fin. When I snapped this photo, I didn’t realize I was shooting against the sun and it made a lovely bokeh that looked like it was from the sun.

If you travel a lot on plane, it’s so fun to shoot against the sun through the window. The sun is the most powerful light source in our life. And the light is like the air to photography. If it’s raining, be patient because nowadays it’s so hard to predict the weather (especially in Indonesia.) Be ready and prepare your analogue camera (the beautiful flight attendant will not complain if you explain to her that your camera will not run interference with the plane’s communication system.

Keep looking above and you will find majestic scenery way up above your town. Unfortunately, I don’t have super tele(scope) lens to shoot that morning moon which was exactly above the morning sun.

I’m just lucky I had a chance to snap the sunset at the red sea in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia last year. Unfortunately the light leak ruined the perfect scenery. Maybe you can cover the light leak source with two of your hands on both side of the lens.

Shooting against the sun can make your architecture photo look stronger and make the shape of the building sharper.

A dark place with a small hole that lets in sunlight is one of the best place to shoot against the sun.

Cotton candy-shaped clouds are my most favorite type of cloud. I learned that this kind of cloud will appear in the morning if rain poured in the night before. This shot against the sun below my fave cotton candy cloud is one of my favorite cloud photos.

Credits: hervinsyah

Bored with a single shot? Try double or multiple exposure when shooting against the sun, don’t forget to shoot an interesting object to complete a typical boring sunset/sunrise photo.

Credits: hervinsyah

I found some exotic shaped object and framed the gorgeous sunlight to make a new silhouette subject, just like I did with the photo of the iconic Patung Kuda, near Ngurah Rai airport in Bali, Indonesia. I’m just lucky to get this sunset at my last day in Bali early this year because since I visited Bali to spend New Year’s. I’m lucky since after a week, it would have already been the rainy season. Hence, no against the sunlight shots.

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