Wide Angle Photography Tips: Photographing Architecture with the Lomo LC-Wide

2014-06-06 2

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the fantastic Lomo LC-A, and while waiting for the new Russar+ lens, I’ll dedicate this article to an awesome super wide-angle camera: my Lomo LC-Wide that I like to use in architecture photography. Here you can read some simple tips I used to take a series of photos in the modern city of Latina in the center of Italy.

Last year at the end of my summer vacations, I returned home driving along the east coast of Italy because I wanted to visit some interesting cities. One of these is Latina, a modern town built in 1932 under the fascist regime with the name Littoria (this name was changed in 1946 after the fall of the regime.) This city is an example of modern architecture so it is a great place to use my *Lomo LC-Wide*!

Credits: sirio174

1. The first tip is to work with a small aperture: so for these photos I used a Kodak Tri-X 400 ISO even in a bright summer day so the shutter works at least at F16, obtaining a huge depth of field (see photos above.)

Credits: sirio174

2. The second tip is to insert an object in the foreground to increase the wide angle effect. An empty space in the foreground is almost always a bad idea in a composition with a 17mm lens.

Credits: sirio174

3. Photographing an empty space through an opening or a window (used as a frame) appears wider than it actually is, as in this photo of the stadium.

Credits: sirio174

4. Don’t forget that a wide-angle lens is perfect to “enlarge” narrow interiors!

Credits: sirio174

5. Avoid converging lines holding film plane perpendicular to the ground!

Credits: sirio174

6. When taking photos with a super wide-angle, you have to manage many different colors: under these arcades there were hints of multiple colors. In this case, a composition in black and white may be more effective.

Credits: sirio174

7) Another great accessory for this camera is the viewfinder in the Instant Kit – the border isn’t distorted and it allows you to concentrate better on composition!

Try this camera! You won’t regret it!

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