Colour over Those Colour Pictures


Diana F+ are simple to use and you can get great colourful result from them. But I got bored of just having just those colours, so i stuck some colour gels in my Diana…….

Now I am quite sure that some of you might have tried this before, its not hard to figure out. But I thought I’ll just do this for those who didn’t figure it out.

This is very simple:

Step 1, open up the Diana F+.
Step 2, select some colour gel (the ones you use for the flash)
Step 3, stick it in side with some tape (it should go over the bit where you would put the correction lens in)
Step 4, load some film.
Step 5, go out and shoot some Lomograph

Have Fun with colours =D

Lomography….. the possibility is endless !

written by huge666 on 2010-05-14 #gear #tutorials #experiment #colour #tipster #easy #diana-f


  1. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    More fun with colors - like it :D

  2. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    Heh, "The possibilities are endless", that's my motto!

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