Top Shoutbox Users of May 2014

2014-06-08 3

Take an interest in that little box in our website because it is one of the perfect avenues for your voice to be heard by our always busy Community!

Shoutbox is called a shoutbox for a reason and that is to serve as an open space for the members to address the whole Community. Whether you are promoting a new work or asking for help, you can rely on the shoutbox to get your message delivered to the right people.

These lomographers have been paying extra attention to this tiny space and it’s just proper to give them credit, right? So, scream hello to our Top Shoutbox Users of May 2014!

objectionableconformity from Dover, United States (50 shouts)

Credits: objectionableconformity

dermanu from Bremen, Germany (49 shouts)

Credits: dermanu

dopa from Mülheim, Germany (37 shouts)

hervinsyah from Bandung, Indonesia (28 shouts)

poepel from Germany (27 shouts)

Credits: poepel

gabri-holguin from Cologne (26 shouts)

Credits: gabri-holguin

neja from London, United Kingdom (26 shouts)

Credits: neja

jimjimm from Goa, India (26 shouts)

Credits: jimjimm

sirio174 from Como, Italy (25 shouts)

Credits: sirio174

bebopbebop from Bandung, Indonesia (25 shouts)

Credits: bebopbebop

From everyone here at Lomography, congratulations to our Top Shoutbox Users of May 2014!

written by icequeenubia on 2014-06-08 #news #community-recap #top-shoutbox-users #may-2014

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