Vik Muniz's 'Album'


“Album” is a series of large-scale photographs of collages made out of found photographs. Have a look at this impressive, nostalgia-inducing work by Vik Muniz right after the cut!

Photo by Vik Muniz via Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Gallery

São Paulo, Brazil-native artist and photographer *Vik Muniz* ’s work is definitely not your run-of the mill art. Throughout his career, Muniz has created art out of the oddest objects like food, junk materials, found objects, and even dust. In his series called “Album,” which was recently exhibited at the Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Gallery in New York City, the artist made use of found personal photographs that he has amassed over the years to create his huge collages, many of which were treated in sepia tone. The resulting images depict just the sort of photographs that one would usually see in family photo albums and, as stated in a press release, “reflect intimate yet universal narratives.”

Photos by Vik Muniz via Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Gallery

“With the proliferation of inexpensive cameras in the late 20th century, and by the ease and speed of digital documentation in more recent years, such images have become more common and less precious. Album questions the implications of these shifts in technology and image-making, and their impact on community, collective experience, and memory.” – via Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Gallery

All information in this article were sourced from Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Gallery via Junk Culture and Design Milk.

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