Decorate Your Exhibition With Burned Film!


As we know, people organize exhibits with their photographs. Sometimes, just hanging photos on the wall isn’t enough. Here’s how you can use exposed film to add decorations to your exhibit!

I was thinking of doing a make-shift exhibit of my film photographs when a nice idea came to mind. Why not use exposed film for decoration in my exhibit?


  • Scissors
  • Exposed film
  • Dough adhesive(Uhu Patafix)
  • Photographs

Cut the film with the scissors and make a design. For this “exhibit,” I used an x design to match my photos.

Then you do a few more shapes. Finally, paste the photographs and shapes on your wall. And there you go, your analogue exhibit is ready!

written by mylifelikeshitt on 2014-06-04 #gear #tutorials #35mm #analogue #retro #tipster #lomo #lomography #exhibition
translated by bitchscream

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