How To Shoot Nature With The Petzval


The Petzval lens captures beauty, emotion, drama and sentimentality effortlessly, that’s part of what makes it a great portrait lens. Find out how to shoot the most powerful portrait of all, mother nature!

Photo by pearlgirl777

Since the launch of the Petzval lens, we’ve seen a beautiful flood of nature shots from all over the world and throughout the seasons. There are so many parts of nature you can photograph – from pretty flowers to waterfalls to swinging monkeys. And what’s more, natural backgrounds are fantastic in Petzval portraits to emphasize its lovely bokeh. Here’s just a few tips to get the best out of Petzval your lens when shooting in the great outdoors!


Ideally, it’s best to shoot flowers or plants that have lots of texture and colour. For example, you can focus on flower that’s slightly removed from the other flowers or with light shining through for a lot of contrast, and even with lots of different things going on – this is because the Petzval swirly bokeh effect is stronger when you shoot a photo with objects arranged at lots of different distances. Find a plant, flower, tree, that as a subject you can go up close, in front of a busy background.

Photos by pearlgirl777, photos 5 & 6 by sandravo


Now this is tricky, shooting animals. Especially if it’s a “wild subject”, you’ve got to lay low and keep still. The thing is that focusing with the Petzval requires time and precision but you also need to react to get that great shot so this may be a struggle. But once you reach that happy medium, what a feeling! Try and capture an animal within a textured background for a strong bokeh effect and for focusing, as with normal portraits, try to focus on your subject’s eyes or if they are a tiny insect, their body.

Photo 1,2 by pearlgirl777, photo 3 by dop, photo 4, 6 & 8 by kleinerkaries, photo 5 by wendyraeann and photo 7 by sandravo


Placing subjects in front of a natural background is a sure-fire winner since leafy, floral and generally just any busy background makes for a perfect Petzval shot. You can approach your main subject to one meter and use the shortest focusing distance. The distance between subject and background shouldn’t be far because otherwise you won’t see the bokeh as well. Last thing: as this is a person, not an animal, you can go anywhere (to a jungle or to your local woods) – get crazy!

Photos by ==prabu,shawlin==, ==pearlgirl777,heiwa==, markfappleton

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written by hembot on 2014-06-06 #news

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