Make Your Own DIY Ring Flash for Your Point and Shoot Camera!

Who says only SLRs can benefit from a ring flash? We just found a cool DIY ring flash project to cater to your point-and-shoot cameras as well!

Just last week we brought you a quick tipster on how to make your very own DIY ring flash for your SLR. This time, we’re back with yet another DIY ring flash tipster. Only this time, it’s for your point-and-shoot camera.

Using a flash can greatly affect the look of your photos. Too little of it can get you underexposed shots and too much of it can make your photos look all washed out, you wouldn’t want to see more of both instances especially on film. That’s the exact reason that Instructable user alpacalypse cooked up this recipe for a cheap DIY ring flash.

What you’ll need:

  • Plastic jar
  • Black 35mm film canister
  • Photo tape
  • Foil
  • Parchment Paper
  • 1/8” plastic sheet


1. The film canister will be the makeshift lens hole for your camera. Cut the end of the canister to make sure your lens gets a clear view. Peer into the viewfinder to make sure that the film canister does not interfere with the photo. Measure the maximum length of the canister and cut it to accommodate your lens.

2. Get the plastic jar and cut a hole that’s as big as the film canister you’re using. It’s preferable if you use a translucent plastic jar or even a white frosted jar to add to the diffusing effect of your ring flash. A power toll with a cut-off wheel can easily and neatly do the trick.

3. After cutting the hole for your lens, make sure you create space for your point-and-shoot camera by cutting the jar. You can also make a cradle for your camera using foam and other cut plastic parts from the jar you used.

4. Next, line the inside of your ring flash with foil. Tape the foil in place. Enclose your ring flash at the back with some pieces of hard plastic to complete the ring flash look. You can also add parchment paper inside the lining of your ring flash to evenly diffuse light. alpacalypse painted the outside of his DIY ring flash with matte black paint for that complete and finished look.

There you go, another project to keep you shooting and crafting. Show us if you’ve made one. Lomo on!

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Instructables.

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