Quaint Still Life Instants Taken with the Lomo LC-A and Instant Back+


Being in the moment is one of the things that every Lomographer should practice. It makes shooting better and a lot of fun, too!

Credits: poepel

Keeping an open eye for things worthy of a quick snapshot can really help any photographer appreciate the little things. Just when we thought we’ve seen everything there is to capture on film, something just pops out and catches us by surprise. These Lomographers surely kept an eye out for the little things and they brought home amazing instant snaps to prove it.

Credits: mafiosa, poepel, zark, maxwellmaxen, muhamad_haiz_shamsudin, renaishashin, georgebaker, mandi, chourique & togotogo

The *Lomo LC-A+* and *Instant Back+* are a great combo for any discerning photographer. Take home instant photos with soft tones and signature vignetting with this camera and accessory combo. Check out other camera and film tandems at the Online Shop now.

written by cheeo on 2014-06-03 #lifestyle #still-life #instant-photography #instant-back #lc-a

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