Snippets and Vignettes: Edward Hopper Paintings Under a Surreal GIF Light


Painter Edward Hopper would have chuckled in delight had he seen these GIFs of his famous paintings. See how the artist’s paintings are given the GIF treatment by Ibon Mainar after the jump.

Edward Hopper was known for his realist paintings and his signature style of portraying subtle scenes in a calm and clean manner. The painter’s works are given a different coat of paint by GIF artist *Ibon Mainar* in this series of psychedelic animated GIFs.

Ibon Mainar used slight movement in this animated GIFs to give Hopper’s paintings a sudden but subtle pop in color and feel. Each piece from Mainar stays true to Hopper’s aesthetics while the new animation give it a modern twist. The twitching of the angles, movement in the characters’ poses add to the overall quirky effect of the series.

Some notable Hopper paintings that Mainar worked on are Nighthawks and Automat. It’s as if the gif artist splashed Warhol’s color palette on Hopper’s masterpieces and made them look like hologram cards.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Ibon Mainar’s site via Design Taxi.

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