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2014-06-03 1

Do you know how you can turn a classic into a true icon? Reinvent, rebuild, and revamp it while keeping true to its origins; just like the way Lomography developed the LC-A+.

What makes an icon an icon? Study the humble roots of the *Lomo LC-A+* and you may already find your answer. This nifty, compact camera has a rich history behind its robust exterior and amazing analogue features. Born out of passion, the LC-A+ is the camera that continues the analogue revolution up to this day.

The LC-A+ boasts 35mm shooting convenience coupled with analogue features that make it a fan favorite all over the world. Rely on its rock-solid build, dependable lightmeter, high-quality Minitar lens, and easy focusing settings for any shooting condition. Don’t forget to use the LC-A+’s famed multiple exposure switch when the moment calls for extra analogue kick. Vignettes, saturated photos, whopping colors, and undeniable analogue effects are coming your way when you have the LC-A+ in your hands.


  • Weave some analogue magic and shoot ultra-vibrant photos with the legendary Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens.
  • Every snap is a mixture of contrasts and vignettes that are bursting with life.
  • Create multiple exposures in a flash with the LC-A+’s designated MX switch.
  • Exercise maximum ISO control with settings ranging from 100 to 1600.
  • Be the master of long exposure shots with the cable release thread.
  • Flash it up and attach a flash to your LC-A+ using the hotshoe.
  • Experiment with accessories compatible with the LC-A+ for that ultimate shooting experience.
  • Convenience is within your grasp with 35mm films – be it black and white, color negative or slide film!

LC-A+ Specs:

Cable Release – Yes
Color – Black
Film Advance – Winder
Flash Connection – Hotshoe
Focusing – Zone Focusing
Focusing Distance – 0.8m – Inifnity
Frame Counter – Auto Frame Counter
Material – Plastic
Lightmeter – Yes
Viewfinder – Direct Optical Viewfinder

Analogue samplers are on us! These LC-A+ shots from the community will show you why the LC-A+ is loved by thousands:

Credits: anarchy, bravebird, lawypop, ilovemydiana, jeabzz, abcdefuck & adi_totp

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