A Day Out with Diana at Doffcocker Lodge


A day trip up the road to Doffcocker Lodge in Bolton. I had to take advantage of the unexpected sunshine on April Fool’s Day.

Two rare things occurred on the 1st of April this year: one, I had a day off from work and two, the sun was shining! Once I’d figured it definitely wasn’t an April Fool prank, I took a day trip with my beloved Diana F+ loaded with a 120 roll of Lomochrome Purple. Now my shots are back from the lab, and even with the dark color and light leaks, I’m pleased with some of the results and I thought I’d relive this trip with you guys.

Even though I have lived in Bolton all my life, this was my first visit to Doffcocker Lodge, a local nature reserve discreetly tucked away off a main road. As I stepped onto the foot path that leads the whole way ’round the lodge, I was greeted with a wealth of nature. The way the sun shone on the lake had to be my first shot.

Surrounded by ducks, flowers, trees, and dog walkers, I got carried away and couldn’t control my trigger finger. By the end of the first stretch of path, I’d used up nearly half of my roll.

At this point I stopped to soak in the view and was approached by a man and his wife. They were so intrigued to see someone using an actual film camera – “I heard the click and just had to ask what you are shooting with.” I felt like I was in a Woody Allen film discussing Lomo, vintage cameras, and visits to Paris with a couple I had only just met. I left my new friends reminiscing on a bench while I finished off my roll.

That’s something that surprises me – almost every time I have my camera, someone asks me about it. Being a beginner, I hardly feel qualified to explain the workings of this wonderful toy!

All I know is analogue is fun, and I think no matter how dull or bright the day or how beautiful or ugly the subject is, everything looks better when captured on film.

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