The LC-A Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

2014-06-03 1

Believe it or not, the Lomo LC-A is turning 30 years old this June. That’s right, fellow Lomographers, it’s been three decades since the camera that started it all came into existence, and we think such a momentous occasion deserves a month-long celebration.

So, pardon us for going a bit soft with nostalgia and for sharing time-honored images and tidbits of information all month long. We will also be holding competitions online and events in our Gallery Stores as part of the celebration. If you haven’t tried any of the cameras in the LC-A family yet, you’ll be happy to know that we will be having LC-A+ cameras on loan at our Gallery Stores. Get discounts on LC-A+ cameras and accessories, and feel the privilege of being part of the LC-A owners club. Stay tuned for updates on our Competitions and Events sections. We’ll be on the verge of an LC-A overload – don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!
Here on the Magazine, we’ve prepared tons of LC-A-loving content, but it would be just great if you would share your analogue love too. Please, feel free to contribute to the Lomography Online Magazine by submitting one or more of our requested posts: dedicated to the LC-A:

Analogue Lifestyle

  • A Day with the LC-A: Bring the LC-A, LC-A+ or LC-Wide with you, make an analogue diary, and share your story with pictures. The good news is we’re having an LC-A for a Day lending program in our Gallery Stores, which gives you the opportunity to experience the LC-A+ if you have not chanced upon it yet.
  • Lovin’ the LC-A: Most of us love the LC-A simply for the lovely photos it has brought into our lives. But have you ever really done something extraordinary to show your affection for this Russian wonder? If you have, then it’s time to make that declaration! Tell us why you love the LC-A – or the LC-A+,or LC-Wide – and through photos show us what you’ve done to prove that undying love; whether it’s by having an LC-A tattoo, arts and crafts, or anything in between.
  • Celebrating with the LC-A: Bring the LC-A, LC-A+ or LC-Wide with you to a party, or better yet the LC-A birthday party at the nearest Lomography Gallery Store and tell us about the grand time you had.
  • My First LC-Experience: Do you remember the first time you had your fingers wrapped around the LC-A, LC-A+ or LC-Wide, and knew that it was camera for you? Do you still have the photos from your first LC-roll? Reminisce and share your first LC-experience!


  • LC-A Goes To: Going on a vacation or even a day trip somewhere special? Why don’t you bring your trusty LC-A, LC-A+ or LC-Wide, capture the view, and tell us about your trip when you get back? Show us your travel photos too!


  • LC-A Tips and Tricks: Whether you’re an expert at using a splitzer with your LC-A (or LC-A+ and LC-W) or you’ve discovered some innovative way to use it, by all means, share all that helpful knowledge and spread the analogue love!


  • Lomo LC-A+
  • Lomo LC-Wide

What are you waiting for? Submit an Analogue Lifestyle piece, a review, tipster or a locations piece and let yourself and your LC-A adventures be honored on the Magazine!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Shown above are just some of our requested posts for the month of June. Follow this link to see the rest.

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    happy 30th LC-A :)

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