Dreamy Double and Multiple Exposure Portraits Shot with the Diana Instant Back+!


Taking double and multiple exposure shots adds a quirky touch to your usual instant portraits – see this gallery of awesome instants taken by some of our fellow lomographers after the jump!

Credits: satomi, natalieerachel, adi_totp, warning, alexyz, mow, blackbyrd, lupo, jeabzz, m22509075 & tracyvmoore

The *Diana F+* has been loved by many film photographers for the lo-fi, dreamy effect that it gives photographs. Now, though, fans of both the Diana and instant photography can get the same effect on their instant photos through the *Diana Instant Back+*! And unlike most instant cameras, the Instant Back allows you to take all the photos that the Diana F+ can take – long and multiple exposure shots included!

Head to the Online Shop now to get your own Diana Instant Back+!

written by chooolss on 2014-06-02 #lifestyle #mx #doubles #portraits #diana-f #diana-instant-back #gallery-post

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