Monday Moodboard: Nastya Kaletkina and Her Moody Black and Whites


Any analogue enthusiast worth his salt will know what features an analogue photo needs to have to stand out in a sea of digital shots. And they might as well just stop looking for pixels in photographer Nastya Kaletkina’s work.

One look at the work of photographer *Nastya Kaletkina* and you immediately get this old-school feeling that what you’re seeing are photos from days that are long gone. But really, what you’re looking at are photos that are only recently crafted by hands and eyes that appreciate the analogue aesthetic.

Images via Kaltblut Magazine and Empty Kingdom

Kaletkina’s black and whites remind us of Victorian photography with all the scratches and rather gloomy setup; But that is not the only thing that you can notice in her photographs. You may very well comment on the sometimes haunting and eerie feeling you can get when looking at her snaps. Each photograph is composed in a way that tells a continuous story. It’s like each photo is connected.

The Moscow-based photographer looms blurry but powerful images. And as for mood, you can find lots of it in her photographs.

You can see more photos from Kaletkina in her Flickr photostream.

written by cheeo on 2014-06-02 #news #black-and-white #monday-moodboard #nastya-kaletkina

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