Monday Moodboard: Vintage Paris


Join us as we take a step back into the past through these beautiful old photographs of the lovely city of Paris!

Paris opera (1960) by Jean Loup Sieff.

Generations of artists have found invaluable inspiration in the City of Light and Love that is Paris, France, and I think one of the most amazing things about it is that even though one has yet to see the place personally, seeing pictures and video reels is sometimes enough to inspire creation. Of course, this hasn't always been the Paris that everyone today knows, but what we do simply is a charming and unique blend of old and new – something that not many cities can pull off elegantly.

From top: Paris roofs (1930) by André Kertèsz, Young lady on a motorcycle (1930) by unknown photographer, Les amoureux du tunnel sous l’Etoile (1967) by Pierre Jamet, The boy with scooter at Ménilmontant (1934) by Robert Doisneau, Untitled photo (1960s) by unknown photographer, Pascaline (1950s) by Edouard Boubat, Café de Flore (1949) by Christer Stromholm, The Kiss (1956) by Kees Scherer, Gamins de Paris (1955) by André Martin, A Ray of Sunshine (1950s) by Nico Jesse, Le Petit Prince (1954) by Christer Stromholm, Untitled photograph (1954) by Inge Morath, and The Chairs (1954) by Emeric Feher.

Paris, indeed, is a sight to behold then and until now. As of this writing I could only wish to visit this city and marvel at the sights and sounds and be inspired by them someday, but if ever I do, I swear I’d document every bit of the trip through film photographs – just like what our fellow lomographers in the community have done!

Credits: mafiosa, grazie, susielomovitz, sebastianerras, backforbreakfast, eskimofriend, mczoum, robinansell & ginnys

All photos in this article were sourced from Chamade - Vintage French Photos on Tumblr via MessyNessyChic.

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