What Tech Websites Are Saying About the Lomo'Instant (Part 2)

2014-05-30 1

Word sure has spread fast across the Internet, and so today, we’re sharing with you this second part of the press recaps from other tech and lifestyle websites about the new Lomo’Instant Camera!


Best known for their DIY cameras, Lomography has for the first time, dipped into the world of instant film photography with their latest release, ‘the Lomo’Instant’.

*Pop Photo*

You’ve long been able to buy modified backs for a number of Lomography’s cameras to let you shoot with instant film, but for the first time, the company is working on a dedicated instant camera. The newly announced Lomo’Instant is a Kickstarter to fundraise $100,000 for the popular toy camera maker.

*Slash Gear*

As content sharing goes increasingly digital, showing off photos to friends and family usually involves pulling out one’s phone or tablet to swipe through a gallery or uploading albums to mutual social websites. Lomography doesn’t believe the printed photo is dead, however, and aims to show it with the Lomo’Instant photo-printing camera.

*Uber Gizmo*

The good news is that if you wanted a Lomography camera with the fun filters and effects, but have Polaroid’s instant-print functionality, you could, thanks to the Lomo’Instant camera.

*Entertainment Magazine*

What sets this apart from other instant cameras is its extensive feature set, which includes add-on lenses, a variety of filters, several shooting modes and much more.

*Retro to Go*

Let’s look at the camera first, which is said to be ‘the world’s most creative’ instant camera, complete with a built-in wide angle lens, fisheye and portrait lens attachments, four colour flash gels and multiple exposures. As you see above and below, there are also choices with the design too, with the film used being the widely available Fujifilm Instax Mini, which should make life pretty easy.

Head to *this article* to read more words from the press about the Lomo’Instant!

The *Lomo’Instant* is the world’s most creative instant camera sporting built-in Wide Angle and Portrait and Fisheye lens attachments, three shooting modes plus a tripod mount and cable release for advanced shooting. Go light painting with infinite long exposures, have fun with the four color gels and experiment with the unlimited multiple exposures. Back the Lomo’Instant on *Kickstarter* today to make big savings and head to the microsite for more information.

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  1. jourdanlynch
    jourdanlynch ·

    "Best known for their DIY cameras"?...

    One DIY camera... Is lomography really best known for the Konstruktor? Lol xD

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