Trippy Portraits Taken with the Holga CFN 120


Take a leaf out of our fellow lomographers’ books and shoot wonderfully weird and unique portraits with your Holga!

Credits: gauthierdumonde, dreadlockboy, falsedigital, xaviru, volker-jp, aprilrich427, bccbarbosa, timolomo, primula & lomalex

Who says portraiture needs to be dull and boring? The *Holga CFN 120* gives you ample room for creative experiments through features like taking multiple exposure shots and a built-in color wheel flash – just like what some members of our community did with their portraits above! Head to the Online Shop now to get your own Holga CFN 120 now!

The Holga CFN 120 is a medium format icon known for taking lo-fi images. It now comes with a built-in flash that bathes you shots with yellow, red, blue, or clear light. If the Holga misty, vignette look is not enough for you, try the Diana F+ for dreamier, softer shots.

written by chooolss on 2014-05-29 #lifestyle #mx #doubles #portraits #holga-cfn-120 #gallery-post


  1. chooolss
    chooolss ·

    These wonderful photos were taken by @gauthierdumonde @dreadlockboy @falsedigital @xaviru @volker-jp @aprilrich427 @bccbarbosa @timolomo @barakalofi @primula and @lomalex. Many thanks! :)

  2. timolomo
    timolomo ·

    @chooolss: Thanks you!

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