What Tech Websites Are Saying About the Lomo'Instant Camera


It’s only been a couple of days since Lomography launched its first dedicated instant camera via Kickstarter, but it seems to have already caused quite a stir not only here in the community but in other websites as well. See what the press is saying about the new Lomo’Instant camera in this first of two parts of our press recaps!


The retro camera fanatics at Lomography are diving into the world of instant photography with a colorful new shooter packed with all the charm and nostalgia of the 35mm Lomos you’ve known for years.


Where Lomography’s instant camera stands out is in the customization options, both for the camera and the images it shoots.


You get a wide-angle lens in the box for the ultimate selfies.

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The Lomo Instant camera is also equipped with infinitely long exposures which are perfect for low light or night-time shooting to add to creativity to your photography.


Among the neater features of the Lomo’Instant is the ability to take unlimited multiple exposures, meaning you can capture countless shots and mesh them into the one print for unique composite photographs.

To find out all you need to know about the Lomo’Instant, you may either head to *this article*, the *Lomo'Instant*, or *Kickstarter* page where you can also back this project!

The *Lomo’Instant* is the world’s most creative instant camera sporting built-in Wide Angle and Portrait and Fisheye lens attachments, three shooting modes plus a tripod mount and cable release for advanced shooting. Go light painting with infinite long exposures, have fun with the four color gels and experiment with the unlimited multiple exposures. Back the Lomo’Instant on *Kickstarter* today to make big savings and head to the microsite for more information.

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