Oh snap! Fresh night time Lomo'Instant Camera snaps straight from our testers


We’re always excited to bring you the freshest analogue products for your shooting pleasure. This time, we’re bringing you the first photos from the all new Lomo’Instant Camera!

Be careful, they’re hot from the press! These instant photos are just screaming with analogue goodness with every print. We’re proud to bring you the latest member of the analogue family here in Lomography, the *Lomo'Instant Camera*! Shoot luscious analogue snaps and see them appear right before your eyes in seconds. If it’s the thrill of instant snaps you’re after, then the new Lomo'Instant Camera is for you! Shoot infinite long and multiple exposures, get flashed out snaps that are popping with color and experience the most creative instant photography experience!

The *Lomo'Instant* is the world’s most creative instant camera sporting a built-in Wide Angle and Portrait and Fisheye lens attachments, 3 shooting modes plus a tripod mount and cable release for advanced shooting. Go light painting with infinite long exposures, have fun with the four color gels and experiment with the unlimited multiple exposures. Back the Lomo’Instant on *Kickstarter* today to make big savings and head to the microsite for more information.

written by cheeo on 2014-05-27 #lifestyle #night-shots #instant-photography #lomo-instant-camera

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