Snippets and Vignettes: Warped looping portraits by Jon Jacobsen

2014-05-27 1

Ever wondered what different emotions and states of mind look like when illustrated and photographed? Then plunge into Jon Jacobsen’s world of visual emotions.

We’re no strangers to the world of the surreal here in the community. From the masterful art pieces of the great surrealist artist Salvador Dali himself, to the zany and colorful photographs from the community, and the previous surreal GIFs we’ve featured from Dax Norman and other artists; now we’re back with more.

*Jon Jacobsen* is a Chile-based graphic artist and photographer. He works mainly with concept art and photography and also dabbles in the world of surreal arts. His self-portraits that put a different spin to the concept of surreal is difficult to just let pass.

Jacobsen created these warped looping self-portraits that express the different feelings of struggle and personal turmoil. The photographer animated the portraits to look like they were bodies of water tainted with various colors, disturbed by ripples and traces of smoke. It is an otherworldly sight that you won’t easily browse through without doing a double back.

The photographer’s work is borderline hypnotic and sensual. Jacobsen let his imagination and emotions take the rein and yielded imagery that is both striking and disturbing. It’s like seeing a beautiful but also horrific morphing – the smeared look of faces in the self-portraits is just the beginning.

You can see more of the artist’s work in his Behance profile .

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Jon Jacobsen’s Behance profile via Design Taxi and Beautiful Decay.

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