Independent #filmphotographyday LomoMatrix Rumble Winners Announcement

2014-05-24 7

After some deliberations, we are pleased to announce the lucky group that will take home our ultimate LomoKino Kit!

Credits: canadas-lomography

We’re hoping everybody had a fun time rediscovering the beauty and excitement of analogue photography last Film Photography Day. The entries to our Independent #filmphotographyday LomoMatrix showed quite a colorful and exciting analogue party, but the celebration is not yet over for our winning group from Zaporozhye, Ukraine led by lomographer, mmxi!

Despite the low attendance and heavy rain, their group, comprised of six lomographers and a BMX enthusiast, was able to pull off various incredible biking stunts that definitely looked six times cooler after getting rendered into this insane LomoMatrix:

Congratulations to mmxi and his team for winning our Independent #filmphotographyday LomoMatrix Rumble! They will receive the ultimate LomoKino Kit – 20 LomoKino cameras and 20 packs of Lomography Color Negative Film – to gear them up for the next Film Photography Day celebration!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this rumble. See you all in our next #filmphotographyday celebration!

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Congrats @mmxi and Ukrainan matrix, so true, only few member and heavy rain but amazing jump, especially the one from the swing ^_^ ;

    @idhamaidilfi eleh dam

  2. bebopbebop
    bebopbebop ·

    i think yours is better @robotto_dawad . but congrats @mmxi !

  3. eugenia
    eugenia ·

    Congrats @mmxi ;) lomo On!!!!!!

  4. fadjaradiputra
    fadjaradiputra ·

    Agree with @bebopbebop.
    Congrats @mmxi!

  5. saidseni
    saidseni ·


  6. mmxi
    mmxi ·

    Amazing, I'm so happy! I worried that lomography forgot to announce results.

    I'd like to thank lomography for their contribution to film photography movement. Thanks for encouraging us to shoot with those sweet prizes. There are more cameras than people in our team. We already decided to take one camera for each of us to take part in the next year competition. Remaining 13 (BMXer is me, mmxi) will be used as prizes to organise several competitions for other film photographers in our city to encourage them as lomography did encourage us.

    I think we won because we were shooting subjects completely different from an example that was provided in competition announcement. I also worked my best to sync the music with action. And I tried to upload the edit as soon as possible. I also liked @robotto_dawad team edit.

  7. robotto_dawad
    robotto_dawad ·

    congrats @mmxi :) btw your BMX riding skill is great Denis :D
    thanks for your like too :D

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