Derek Ridgers' Fascinating Photographs of London Youth from 1978-1987


More than being just mere portraits, these photographs by Derek Ridgers document the changes in London’s social and music scene between 1978 and 1987.

Photo by Derek Ridgers via Juxtapoz

A decade is indeed a long time, just enough for a few radical changes to occur in the world around us. Between the late ‘70s in London, punk music and lifestyle reigned yet by the late ’80s, acid house was slowly but surely taking over the scene. This phenomenon was documented by renowned British photographer Derek Ridgers, taken at the streets and clubs of London and focusing on the youth from these different periods. Through these portraits, we see a glimpse of just how much London’s social scene has changed in a decade, and how this in turn influenced its youth.

Photo by Derek Ridgers via Juxtapoz

A book featuring these photographs appears in Ridgers’ latest book, _*18-87 London Youth*_, released late last year.

All information in this article were sourced from Juxtapoz.

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