Petzval Lens User Review: An Unexpected Happiness


It is my first time to use the New Petzval Lens outside of work and I got some surprising photos!

I use the new Lomography x Zenit Petzval Lens often for my work. Being a member of the Lomography community and since the release of the Petzval Lens, I got used to using the Petzval Lens on my photo shoots. Yet, other than for work, I never had the chance to use it during my downtime since I always prefer light gadgets and cameras such as the *LC-W*, *LC-A+* and the like which are easier for me to carry.

Also, I haven’t used digital cameras for over five years except for use with the Experimental Lens Kit which I lend to a friend when I have to do some photo shoots. Honestly for a lazy girl like me, the Petzval Lens is kind of heavy and burdensome to carry around everywhere I go.

Initially, I got the Petzval Lens and Sony A7 with me simply because I wanted to record the concert of Sodagreen. My colleagues even helped me to insert the Tele Converter. However, sad to say, I carelessly deleted all the photos taken during that day and therefore, I just randomly used it to take snaps at home. When my family saw the brass look of the Petzval Lens, they instantly became so interested in it and kept asking about its features.

The Petzval Lens is perfect for portraiture, so I decided to take some pictures of my mom. All of a sudden she turned out to be a supermodel with different natural poses. Afterwards, she told me to bring the Petzval Lens the next day to the cemetery, where would pay respect to my ancestors.

The next day, the weather was really great. In my opinion, the Sony A7 is not as heavy when compared to other DSLR cameras. I honestly don’t know much about digital cameras. While on our way to the cemetery, we walked past the Lok Fu Park. With the flowers as our backdrop, I could finally let my family see the famous swirly effect of the Petzval Lens. “That’s the most special and exciting part of Petzval Lens!” Even my brother who never used Lomography products and has little knowledge of photography tried using the Petzval Lens and took some shots which are quite impressive.

Frankly speaking, whether I am at the workplace or just hanging out with friends, I always bring a camera and take pictures of them. Like my colleagues, I seldom use a camera when I am with my family. Yet, I still remember that day when I took photos of my family and all of us were simply flattered. Hence, I am even more impressed with the Petzval Lens.

Customers and partners at work always have difficulties with focusing when they use the Petzval Lens mainly because of the large aperture and shallow depth-of-field. In my case though, I do not have as much difficulty in focusing and still manage to get the swirly effect in the photos by using the f2.8 aperture plate. You can try that if you have the same problem in focusing!

The Lomography x Zenit Petzval Lens is a stunning reinvention of one of the first and greatest lenses of all time. Manufactured in Russia by Zenit, each lens is crafted from brass and features high-quality glass optics. For the first time ever, you can easily get the Petzval photographic look with Canon EF and Nikon F mount analogue and digital cameras in order to cater for the needs of photographers nowadays. Make you pre-order on the Petzval Lens now or click About (The second batch of pre-order lenses has an estimated delivery date of June 2014.)

written by sanamiii on 2014-06-06 #gear #review #analogue #lens #swirly #brass #petzval #petzval-interview #new-petzval-lens
translated by fishyu

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