Fantastic 4-in-1 portraits taken with the Action Sampler

Experiment, experiment, experiment! Think outside the traditional single frame portrait with the Action Sampler!

Credits: happygaivot

Break out of the norm when it comes to portrait photography and try out the *Action Sampler* from Lomography! Be amazed at the fantastic photos that this plastic camera can churn out with its four lenses! Take a hint with these cool 4-in-1 portraits taken with the Action Sampler. It’s like getting a pop art-style portrait with every shot!

Credits: goatofrocketh, superlighter, happygaivot, mantozauras, lihooi, retrocali, bylcuenca, raylemon, starbala & hanibale

Grab the *Action Sampler* at the Online Shop and enjoy four sequential shots with one click of the shutter. This plastic fantastic camera can sure spice up your analogue adventures and experiments. Catch this multi-lens wonder and other plastic fantastic cameras at the Online Shop now.

written by cheeo on 2014-05-22 #lifestyle #portraits #action-sampler #multi-lens

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