Go for Street Photography with the Voigtlander Vito Balda

This camera is the most compact camera I have ever used. It’s a 35mm camera built by Balda for Voigtlander in 1983. See my photos and review after the jump.

Built in 1983 by Balda, a German Camera Maker based in Dresden, the Vito Balda was built for Voigtlander as it was based on their own camera, the Balda CE 35.

This camera uses LR44 batteries and electronic shutter. Its light meter is placed above the lens. With it’s folding camera design, it’s size is so convenient for shooting even for me. This feature of the Balda made it a compact camera that easily stows away and shoots at any given time.

Credits: artlens

The max shutter speed is 1/500 with the Color-Voigtar 5.6/38mm lens. It uses a zone focusing system like the Lomo LC-A and the Minox. I think the focusing system is very easy to use. The resulting images are far pleasing to me. The camera produces very sharp and colorful photos. Well, what did I expect? It is a Voigtlander camera after all.

Credits: artlens

I found this camera on Ebay for around EUR 30-50. If you can score one at a lower price then it’s definitely a steal.

This camera is suitable for street photographers who need speed and a compact-sized camera. I personally recommend this camera to anyone who’s looking for a nice piece of photographic equipment. It’s a great camera!

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