Bradford Playhouse


Old eccentric little place, very unique… my favourite spot in Bradford!

Based in Little Germany in Bradford’s city centre (West Yorkshire), the Bradford Playhouse has a proud heritage, as a unique building with many of its historic features intact.

It was originally known as Bradford Civic Playhouse, later it became The Priestley or The Priestley Centre for the Arts and now it is known as Bradford Playhouse and Film Theatre.

The Civic was founded in 1929, originally as an offshoot of Leeds Civic Playhouse, but became independent in 1932, with J. B. Priestley as its President.

I think this place is brilliant, the staff are friendly and there’s a nice bar in the basement. I love to go there with my friends and have a nice cuppa (yes, we don’t do alcohol, although there’s a lot to choose from). At the moment, the bar doesn’t look exactly like in the pictures I took because it has been renewed, but it still looks very cool.

They offer a huge range of events, including theatre, film, exhibitions, dance… and parties! These guys really know how to throw a party, they do it at least once a week! Also, don’t forget the concerts, I’ve been to a few and I can say they’re worth it, especially if you’re looking for something different.

Add them on facebook because you don’t want to miss these events, such as the “Totally Massive Extravaganza”, the “trash@theplayhouse” and other events with similar cool names!

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    seems a really interesting place! nice gallery.

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