A Petzval Plate Case for Your Aperture Plates

2014-05-27 1

Are you a New Petzval Lens owner? Are you looking for a way to bring those special aperture plates with you without the risk of them getting lost? Lo and behold! One of our Kickstarter backers and Thingiverse user otaku has the perfect solution.

There you are, exploring the magic of the new New Petzval Lens, eager to finally experience the stunning bokeh effect it offers. So you search your bag for your aperture plates and realize that you they’re scattered inside your bag along with your other stuff. You tell yourself this is actually better than what happened last week, when the plates escaped from that envelope you were storing them in, and almost got lost.

Fear no more. Thingiverse user Rodrigo Rivas, aka otaku of Singapore, has come up with the perfect solution for all your aperture plate storage problems. He designed and created a Petzval Plate Case himself, and challenges us to make one too. Otaku’s creation can hold a dozen of your precious aperture plates.

Well, this is quite a life-saving invention for Petzval Lens users. Why don’t you download the 3D printable and try making the case yourself?

Information and images for this article were sourced from Thingiverse.

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  1. bernardofuller
    bernardofuller ·

    Actually, I've found that a carabiner (also called a D-ring) keeps my aperture plates secure, organized, and conveniently accessible.

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