When green becomes purple!


Love colour shifts? Bold, saturated colours? Read on to find out more about the Lomochrome purple… Just in case you don’t know already!

Credits: crevans27

When Lomography announced the new film I was filled with excitement. We’ve had a few exciting camera announcements but nothing in the way of new film, so this was caused quite a stir. So what does the film actually do? All of your greens will be transformed to purple!

Credits: crevans27

I considered the price a little hefty but decided it was well worth it. I know people often compare this film to the Aerochrome film. Aerochrome itself comes with an even heftier price so *Lomochrome Purple* seemed suddenly almost reasonable.

Many were and still are shocked when they find out that it is, actually, a negative film. It is meant to be developed in C-41 chemicals. It is not an infrared film, but is clearly inspired by the affect you get from it. On the plus side, there is no need to mess around with filters. Lomochrome Purple can just be loaded and off you go.

I’ve already used two rolls of the five I ordered. I have loved the results but seem to be hanging on the other three rolls for a special occasion. The ISO of the film is 100-400. This enables you to shoot it in a range of settings. It also means due to the light, your film will get different results in how strong the colors are. I shot both rolls at ISO 200, you can see from the pictures below that when the pictures are underexposed, you lose a little detail so the purples get really intense.

Credits: crevans27

While I was shooting the first two rolls, I went for places where there were a lot of green. This way I could witness the magical shift to purple. This film didn’t disappoint. I got some amazing results from a trip to Snowdonia. I loved the range of purples, all those different shades. But the sky? Wow! That beautiful bright blue was amazing. I have gotten very similar results from some of the X-Pro films.

Credits: crevans27

As the roll was already in the camera, I decided to try out a few shots elsewhere. I was thrilled to see the street shots came out with just as exciting results as the landscapes. The buildings took on a range of purples even though I don’t remember them being particularly green.

Credits: crevans27

Another thing I fell in love with instantly was how the reds really popped in this film. They are so vibrant. The vintage cars looked stunning. I was so pleased with the results.

Credits: crevans27

One of the things I have been particularly impressed with was the detail the film captures. There is no grain, and I’ve enlarged my pictures up to A3 size without any loss of detail. Once I become brave enough to use my final three rolls, I will definitely reinvest. The results so far have been mind blowing.

written by crevans27 on 2014-05-22 #gear #negative #35mm #review #chrome #purple #lomochrome

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