The Daily Hex: Alizarin Crimson


If you are into painting, you’ve probably seen the richness of Alizarin Crimson. We hope these handpicked lomographs can match its deep red hue.

What’s a ‘hex’ anyway?

Hex actually pertains to hex values, which are 6-digit hexidecimal numbers that are primarily used in web design. Your photographs can be viewed by hex values and we have almost 1,500 common colors that you can browse through, most of which have names that are quirky, goofy, and downright weird. But don’t be fooled, these colors are real eye candies, too!

Named after an organic dye, alizarin, Alizarin Crimson is regarded as a “cool” shade of red because of its blue undertone. A favorite shade among amateur and professional painters alike, alizarin crimson, when mix with other colors, has the ability to create a vast variety of purples and browns.

Credits: megustastu, hodachrome, sophiesays, aidakristina, macstef, aexel, auratus, landei, fabioduarte77 & troch

More Alizarin Crimson lomographs can be found here.

written by Lomography on 2014-05-22 #news #the-daily-hex

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