Introducing the New La Sardina Dresses - City Summer and Midnight Flamingo


The La Sardina DIY Edition Camera gives you the liberty to design it however you want, but what about those times when you need a quick analogue style change? Switch up your La Sardina style anytime you want with La Sardina Dresses!

With the new La Sardina DIY Dress Bundles, changing the La Sardina DIY Edition Camera’s looks is effortless and easy. Just take off the face- and back plates and snap on the included La Sardina Dress in your chosen bundle! It’s the easiest and fastest way to stylize your camera anytime you wish.

City Summer Bundles

City Summer White Bundle

City Summer Black Bundle

Midnight Flamingo Bundles

Midnight Flamingo White Bundle

Midnight Flamingo Black Bundle

Collect the La Sardina Dresses

If you’re already a proud owner of the La Sardina DIY Edition Camera, why not give your camera a new look with the new City Summer or Midnight Flamingo Dress?

La Sardina City Summer Dress

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La Sardina Midnight Flamingo Dress

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