Landscape Love With Your Lubitel 166+


The Great Twin-Lensed Escape: Take some breathtaking landscapes and make those scenic places from your trips come alive!

The Great Twin-Lensed Escape

Winter is over and it is time to get away from the limits of indoor photography! Escape with your Lubitel 166+ for some fresh air and breathtaking landscapes. Nature scenes and urban cityscapes come alive with this twin-lensed reflex camera. Plus the joys of medium format make for a magical landscape shoot perfectly framed in a square.

Lubitel 166+ for Amazing Landscapes

What makes the Lubitel 166+ a good choice for landscapes? Our version of the classic Lubitel camera offers you helpful options to capture that perfect shot!

  • Improved Viewfinder – Preview 100% of your image easily with the flat ground glass. A good improvement from the original Lubitel’s curved glass, which only covered 80% of the image.
  • Zone focus – No need to fuss with distance settings! This feature allows you to pick from 0.8m, 1.5m, 3m, and infinity with great ease.
  • Rewind your rolls – Get creative with multiple exposures! Frame by frame you can rewind so that you could shoot over your first shot. Better yet, collaborate with a friend and swap film rolls!

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The Best Film Picks

With the Lubitel 166+, rest assured that your landscapes are picture-perfect, but choosing the right film is essential, too! And should you be feeling adventurous, don’t forget. You can load with 35mm film in the Lubitel 166+ for extra fun, it was made for it!

Black & White – Go for the old timey feel with the classic black and white emulsion.

Colour Negatives – Excellent colour, natural saturation. For a retro look, go for lower ISO.

Slide film – Extra doses of colour, and a kick of saturation and contrast gives an overall offbeat appeal to your landscapes!

Meet Lubitel 166+ Amigo Ryan Schude

Ryan Schude is well known for his photography style of elaborate set ups and planned shots. Working with the Lubitel he says is a total departure from this and he enjoys the, “return to something from the past.” Schude says of the Lubitel 166+, “the imperfections become part of the charm at times and certain happy accidents emerge to create images I would have never made otherwise."

View Ryan’s gallery and read the interview

Lovely Lubitel Rumble

Do you have the Lubitel bug too? Join the Lovely Lubitel Rumble and show off your amazing photos. Take some inspiration from spring fresh landscapes around you or the newest Lubitel 166+ LomoAmigo Ryan Schude. To give you time to collect yourself and really push the boundaries we are giving this Rumble two weeks until submissions are due!

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  1. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    lubitel for my piggies! :)

  2. crumpy
    crumpy ·

    that first shot is just unbelievable! who ever is responsible, well done.

    the last is my second favourite

  3. deff1
    deff1 ·

    Just bought a + and i,m loving it!

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