Bee Alert: Honeycomb and Honeybee-inspired Innovations


Honeybee and honeycomb-inspired products and packaging are practically everywhere. It’s not surprising to see commercially available honey with yellow-and-black packaging or in hexagonally-shaped containers, but it is astonishing to see how nature’s inventions have served as inspirations for some very extraordinary designs.

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The black-and-yellow aesthetic and the honeycomb pattern are visible in possibly anything you can think of – from stuff you’ll find in furniture shops and fashion runways to architecture and seacraft. Other than the bee costumes worn by kids on occasion, there are so many more things inspired by the honeycomb and honeybee.

Honeycomb-inspired fashion by Alexander McQueen; honeycomb-inspired necklace by Ayaka Nishi; Honey Natasha Shoe by Sebastian Errazuriz. Images via modelinia, aewom, blogspot and trendhunter

There is more to hexagons and striped patterns to honeybees and honeycombs. The plight of the honeybees is a long-standing issue; we are more dependent on these creatures than most of us think. Aside from providing honey and beeswax supplies, bees, more importantly, play an important role in pollination. Remember the animated film “Bee Movie,” and how driving bees away affects plant life? It could happen in real life, but of course we wouldn’t want that to happen.

Magic Block Fireplace by Hong Xiang; Cloud Modular Table by Anna and Mark of Lorens;façade beehive architecture; Institute for Molecular Science by Lyons Architects; Voronoi Mega Yacht by Hyun-Seok Kim. Images via trendhunter

Lomography aims to raise awareness on the plight of the honeybee. Learn more about the plight of the honeybees and gather some fast facts about these busy creatures by reading the following:

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