Shedding Light on the 'Plight of the Honeybee'


We here at Lomography care about the environment as much as we do analogue lifestyle. Hence, Lomography joins other brands aiming to raise awareness on the plight of the honeybee. Learn more about this after the cut.

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Perhaps not many are aware that honeybees have been subjected to a fatal phenomenon called the colony collapse disorder. According to a report by _The New York Times_, this has been occurring since 2006 and has increased the death rate of bees to twice the normal rate. _National Geographic_ reported, “Bees were flying away and simply not coming back; keepers would find boxes empty of adult bees except for a live queen.”

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Going back to the NY Times article, citing a study by mBio, the report indicated that bees may have been dying off in masses due to a type of tobacco ringspot virus transmitted from pollen to bee. However, it also noted that many researchers are considering that “a host of viruses, parasites and, perhaps, other factors like pesticides are working in combination to weaken colonies and increase the death rate.” Meanwhile, in a more recent article also by the _National Geographic_, citing a Harvard study released a couple of weeks ago, researchers discovered “convincing evidence” of the use of neonicotinoid pesticide on crops playing a role in this phenomena.

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You already might be wondering why there’s all this fuss about honeybees. Well, their continued disappearance is feared to affect our food supply. Not only do they provide us honey and beeswax, bees also play an important role as pollinators. So, if the sharp decline in the number of bees are to continue, the production of about a hundred vital crops including certain fruits, vegetables, and nuts will definitely be affected – putting the entire food chain in jeopardy.

All information in this article were sourced from The New York Times, and these articles by the National Geographic.

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