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2014-05-20 1

From humble beginnings as a simple sardine-shaped camera to exquisite photos for the adventurer who wish to sail the analogue seas, the La Sardina can compete with any stylish analogue shooter with ease!

This nifty camera will surely attract the eyes of nautical fans as well as the itchy trigger fingers of analogue aficionados. Presenting the *La Sardina* camera that’s patterned on the humble sardine can but is handy enough for any seafaring, street walking, mountain scaling adventurer!

The La Sardina shoots regular 35mm film and can be fitted with the powerful Fritz the Blitz flash for those photo moments that need a quick kick of light. Shoot multiple exposures with its plastic lens and enjoy the undeniable analogue effects that Lomography cameras are known for. Not only that, let your artist fly and decorate with the different La Sardina Dresses so you can create your very own customized analogue camera to look like it was just hauled from the sea.


  • Shoot wide-angle photographs with the La Sardina and its trusty 89 degree field of view lens on your analogue expeditions.
  • Make multiple exposures in a snap of a finger with the easy rewind dial and dedicated MX switch when your creativity just won’t let you stop conjuring amazing analogue snaps!
  • Use the simple focusing settings of the La Sardina to capture the action even if you’re just a novice sailor on your first analogue voyage.
  • Create long exposure photographs with the La Sardina’s bulb setting.
  • Peer through the film cartridge window to see just how much frames you’ve shot with this sardine can-shaped camera.
  • Be the life of the party when you attach the Fritz the Blitz flash to your La Sardina camera.
  • Wade in friendly analogue waters with the convenient 35mm shooting capabilities of the La Sardina.
  • Design your way to the top with the lovely La Sardina Dresses and DIY editions!
  • Lots of La Sardina cameras to choose from to match your style and fashion sense.

La Sardina Specs:

  • Cable Release Connection – Yes
  • Film Advance – Knob
  • Flash Connection – Unique La Sardina Micro Contact
  • Focusing – Zone Focusing
  • Focusing Distance – 0.6m to 1m, 1m to infinity
  • Frame Counter – Auto Frame Counter
  • Material – Plastic
  • Viewfinder – Direct Optical Viewfinder

Looking for a great travel buddy? Then the La Sardina will acoompany you on your analogue adventures! Just take a look at these wonderful snaps taken with this camera:

Credits: bnjmn, peteparker, cornborn, brommi, adi_totp & earlybird

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  1. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    I love the La Sardina but without the twist and pull lens it is just another camera that doesn't fit in my pocket! Glad I have my Domino but it wont last forever. I just hope some future editions with bring back the old lens mechanism.

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