Beautiful Lomochrome Purple Photographs by Nicolette Clara Iles

2014-05-20 1

Young London-based photographer Nicolette Clara Iles has finally gotten around to trying out the Lomochrome Purple, and she has graciously shared with us the results. Have a look at her lovely photos after the jump!

Photo by Nicolette Clara Iles

Remember Nicolette? It was in November last year when we first introduced her impressive work in analogue portraiture to the community. Shortly after that, we got the chance to finally chat with her, and in the interview, she made a mention about getting a few rolls of the Lomochrome Purple and trying it herself. Now, as she had promised, Nicolette recently sent us samples of her first Lomochrome Purple shots, and we’re sharing them with you guys in this feature!

Photos by Nicolette Clara Iles

They were taken on a spontaneous trip to England’s South East seaside town of Seasalter. I took my camera (a Canon 300 35mm) and started taking pictures of my surroundings, including interesting beach huts and of course, the sea. Some of the beach houses were derelict and very old, which I found interesting to capture. The second couple of images were taken in a nearby wooded area, where I hoped the foliage of the trees would turn out in great colours with the Lomochrome, and luckily they did!

Overall, she described her shooting experience as a good one. “I found it as easy to use as any other 35mm film and it made for very wonderful effects. I am looking forward to using my next roll!” she said.

Photos by Nicolette Clara Iles

Thank you so much, Nicolette! We look forward to seeing more of your work!

All images and information in this article were provided to Lomography by Nicolette Clara Iles.

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