Ride Your Bike to the Unexplored Side of Bandung

2014-05-25 4

Bandung is one of the biggest cities in Indonesia. Thinking about escaping from city life, one morning in April, 2014, I took my bike and went to my favorite biking route located in south Bandung.

Sharing roads with cars, trucks, and motorcycles can sometimes be irritating, especially when you’re riding a bike. Late last month, at about 7 AM, I took my bike and a Novacam 1 camera to a place where there are much less of those automobiles.

Credits: hanikartikasari

Luckily, I live in the suburban area of the so-called big city named Bandung in West Java Province, Indonesia. Going straight to south Bandung rode my bike over this small path where there’s fresh air, a greenish view of paddy fields, no buildings in sight, and no loud sounds of cars and trucks. This road is about 3 kilometers long and leads to the soon-will-be-biggest-stadium-in-Bandung. The stadium is located in middle of paddy fields. But I can’t get near the stadium because of the muddy road and it’s still under construction.

You can see more photos here!

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    Yeah, wilujeng artikel nya di publish @hanikartikasari 8D

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    @hervinsyah artikel perdana nih kang. Uhuuyy! Hatur nuhun

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    Wonderful article!!

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    @herbert-4 thank you so much!!

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