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Product Photography with the Petzval Lens


If you run a small business selling hand made items online, you would know how vitally important it is to have amazing product shots to help sell your work. I tested out the new Petzval lens on some of my hand-printed items to see if I could get a winning shot, and below is an overview of what happened.


When i’m not working hard in the Lomography UK office, I like to spend my spare time screen printing onto fabric and sewing purses, cushions and tote bags from the fabric. I’ve had real trouble getting good quality photographs of my items due to light issues, camera problems and a distinct lack of studio photography knowledge.


I decided to take the Petzval lens out to the park on a sunny day to shoot my products. The joy of using this lens is that it focuses really crisply in the center and creates a lovely swirling bokeh effect around the edge. With this in mind I kept the composition really simple and found a spot with lots of trees in the background to get a nice color and texture. I’m really pleased with how they came out and am going to use them on my blog (and eventually my shop).


On the way home I walked through the local market to take some extra shots. It’s amazing how much attention you get with a big brass lens hanging around your neck! I even found a mirror to shoot a quick selfie with and got screamed at by a rather irate stall holder. Remember guys, if you want to take photographs at a market stall, make sure you ask first (even if your shooting yourself) otherwise you may make someone angry.


I am totally In love with this soft dreamy lens and feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to test it.

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