Lomo Amigo Nadirah Zakariya Print Sale to Benefit Haiti Relief

Buy a print from Lomo Amigo Nadirah Zakariya and 100% of the proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders relief efforts for Haiti.

The world is opening its collective heart to the nation of Haiti after the devastating earthquake has left them in desperate need of help. There are many ways to help and many hard-working organizations through which you can donate to relief efforts.

We thought we’d draw your attention to a print auction by one of our Lomo Amigos, Nadirah Zakariya. Nadirah is selling some beautiful prints of her LC-A+ work and all the proceeds will go directly to Doctors Without Borders. This is a great cause, so if you would like to purchase one of these prints, check out the site where you can buy one.

Or you can just go directly to the Doctors Without Borders site and make a donation.

You can also have a direct effect on relief efforts by giving to any of these organizations:

Save the Children's Haiti Relief Fund
The American Red Cross


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