British Photographer Uses Wet Plate Camera to Document Newcastle

2014-05-16 1

The photographs you are about to see were taken not in the 1800s but only recently, contrary to how they look like!

Jonathan Keys with his weapon of choice. Photo by News Dog Media via The Daily Mail

Newcastle, England-based photographer Jonathan Keys uses a 10×8 Circa camera that’s around 130 years old to take fascinating photographs of his city. In an interview with _The Daily Mail_, Keys said that it takes 15 minutes for each photograph to be developed, which he does in a nearby darkroom, and that he only takes up to six photographs a day.

Keys has been doing wet plate photography for three years and is one of the 50 or so people, according to his own estimate, who practices the same method in the United Kingdom today.

Have a look at some of his works below!

Photos by Jonathan Keys/News Dog Media via The Daily Mail

All information in this article were sourced from The Daily Mail.

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