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Straight out rock aficionados will surely recognize the songs of this band by their guitar riffs alone. PYHOF brings you a rocking good time with the boys from AC/DC.

Name one song from *AC/DC* in this list that can’t make you tap your fingers, bob your head, and stomp your feet (not necessarily in that order) and we’re going to treat you to a couple of beers after a day’s worth of hard work. That’s how infectious AC/DC’s music is.

From the controlled rage in the vocals and their powerful guitars to the rhythmic snapping of the drums and the low but solid hum of the bass, AC/DC can wear out the amps in your sound system with continuous play. But don’t worry, you’re going to want more after the amps become bread toast from the band’s awesome rock and roll hits.

“Back in Black” and “Highway to Hell” are surefire hits that can make you just jump out of your seat. AC/DC says “You’re welcome” with a quick electrifying twang of their metal guitar strings.

PYHOF – AC/DC by Put Your Headphones on Fridays on Grooveshark

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  1. nigell
    nigell ·

    Seen AC/DC numerous times, they're a band that certainly know how to put on a show. One disappointment in life, though, is never seeing them during Bon Scott's time as front man.

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