Stunning DIY Aperture Plates For The Petzval At Lomography HQ!

2014-05-19 1

We made some handmade Petzval aperture plates and did a test shoot at Lomography HQ. Read on to see the photos and learn the method!

Photos taken with the Petzval lens

Inspired by the fabulous and imaginative bokeh seen in photos from you, our Lomography community, we decided to have a go at making our own special apertures for the Petzval Lens at Lomography HQ! And once we started thinking of new designs, we just couldn’t stop!

What you need to make DIY Petzval Aperture Plates

Black cardboard
A darkened room and some fairy lights (or you can go and find great lights outside at night)
A carving knife or scissors
Petzval Lens

There are two ways to create the aperture plates. You can either draw around the lens barrel, so in a circle, and cut out the shapes and then make the circle smaller so that it can be pushed inside the lens barrel. Or, you can copy the waterhouse aperture plates that come with the Petzval, which will require a bit more detail and steady hand for cutting!

We’d love to see your ideas for special aperture shapes, post them in the comments below and stay tuned for more photos!

Remember that the Petzval comes with four custom aperture plates to get you started! Find out more about the New Petzval lens here.

Pre-order your lens in time for July delivery today!

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  1. scootiepye
    scootiepye ·

    Beautiful Bokeh!
    Love Bokeh? Maybe you'd like to see more? Check out my flipboard zine collection of awesome bokeh images from all over the world, should it perhaps interest you ?! All images link back to the original image

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