Top Five Funny Old TV Ads For Cameras


Take a break from whatever you’re doing right now and dig in to this week’s installment starring five hilarious vintage TV commercials for cameras!

A scene from the Olympus AF-1 Waterproof camera. Screenshot via YouTube

We’re not entirely sure if it’s a surefire way to boost the sales of a product, but humor sure is a big help in making things stick in the minds of the audience. For our Top Five list this week, as suggested by my co-editor plasticpopsicle (thanks, Joy!), we’re presenting five short television commercials for five different camera brands in no particular order, which all made use of funny elements to deliver their message. We hope you’ll enjoy watching them just as much as we had fun sorting out all those commercials that we found on the video goldmine that is YouTube!

Video via YouTube

So, this was the camera ad that prompted us to create this list. Admittedly, we’re not really certain if this was intentionally made to be funny or not, but you’d have to agree that, more than two decades later, the images in this commercial released in the late ’80s is now laughter-inducing. This 26-year old ad is for the *Ricoh FF9*, a 35mm autofocus point and shoot camera.

Video via YouTube

You don’t have to understand Japanese to get the message of this local ad by *Fujifilm*. That’s all we’re saying. Oh, and watch out for the ending!

Video via YouTube

Like the previous item, this ad was also by a Japanese brand, Olympus, targeting the local market. It’s for the *Olympus AF-1* waterproof camera and, well, I guess one of the best ways to drive this point home is to actually douse it with water!

Video via YouTube

This English-language ad depicts a ubiquitous Japanese symbol with a Christmas-y touch. We’re not sure what sumo wrestlers in Santa hats have to do with the *Polaroid OneStep Flash*, though.

Video via YouTube

Lastly, we have this one for the *Canon Photura*, a curious 35mm camera that looks like a video recorder. Some of us might have already experienced the inconvenience of being stopped at the airport because of our cameras (especially if they have an unconventional appearance), but perhaps not to this point!

Think we missed a few more funny commercials? Do share them with us through the comments section below!

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