Mixed Media: Combined paintings and photographs by John Chervinsky

2014-05-15 1

Variety can always spice things up when it comes to artistry. See how photographer John Chervinsky jumps from one medium to another and explore the notions of variety in his series Studio Physics. More photos after the jump.

“Mix it up” is phrase that we’re now used to hearing and reading when it comes to collaborations and new twists on older works. For photographer *John Chervinsky*, he indeed “mixes it up” by creating a series of photos that makes use of a camera and canvas for an additional kick out of the ordinary.

Chervinsky’s process starts with a photograph, after which he crops a portion of it and sends it to a painter in China who works on an oil painting version of the snippet and mails it back to the photographer. After that, Chervinsky puts the finished painting of the snippet back to the frame and photographs the scene again, only this time the physical make up of the subjects may have already changed.

Images by John Chervinsky

The wilted flowers and deflated balloon are testament to the physical changes that happen in between the shoot. Chervinsky’s work skims above the idea of an image within an image but stays grounded when it comes to representing the various capabilities of different media, not to mention the physical forces behind each photograph.

Painting and photography are not just the media that are at work here. You can even add installation art, performance art as well as sculpture in the mix as each photograph has something different for the viewer.

His work, fittingly titled _Studio Physics_; explores more than just imagery as a tool for artistic expression but also makes the viewers wonder what is really going on with the painted snippets and the photo in general.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from the artist’s site via Feature Shoot.

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    Interesting and creative. Think I'll try this, but will do my own painting.

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