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When I was a kid, one of my greatest joys was to go to the park. I especially loved playgrounds. It didn’t matter how may other children there were, as long as I could have my turn to go on the slide and and sit on the swing. These days, enjoying one’s childhood has become so different. Technology has stolen the interest of children in more physically demanding yet fun activities.

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The not-so-big-secret is that I already have kids— three of them. When they’re not in school or busy with school-related activities, admittedly, books, arts and crafts, movies, television, mobile apps and console gaming keep them preoccupied, the latter two being the ones they usually fight over. I decided that for a change, it would be nice to give them a taste of how my childhood was and to have some analogue fun by spending an entire morning at the park.

The park that we went to is the Rainforest Adventure Experience (RAVE) in Pasig City, Philippines. The park has been there for over three decades but has recently been renovated to include new amenities. Aside from swimming pools, gardens, a playground, mini zoo and tennis and basketball courts, it now has a bike and skate park and facilities for rock-climbing as well as a man-,made lake where you could ride bumper boats.

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Not surprisingly, first on our order of activities was to go to the playground. Since we got there pretty early, there weren’t too many other kids yet. My little ones thoroughly enjoyed the slides, see-saws, swings, monkey bars, and the hanging bridge.

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We must have spent almost two hours at the playground and were rather exhausted by the time we decided to do something else. We rode the train that went around the park, and saw the park’s other attractions.

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After riding the train, we proceeded to the lake and picked a bumper boat that could seat all five of us. My kids took turns in helping me and my husband maneuver the boat. Two people had to use pedals to make the boat move. As you can see in the photo below, the lake is pretty huge. That was a good twenty minutes of leg exercise for all of us.

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After the boat ride, we walked around the park and checked the other amenities. The kids wanted to try the bike and skate park but it was almost noon by the time we got there. It was time for lunch, so we decided it would be better to come back another time, probably when there weren’t too many people and the weather wasn’t as scorching hot.

All in all, going to Rainforest Adventure Experience was truly rewarding, an opportunity to enjoy the simple, ‘analogue’ things life has to offer.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Wonderful kids & yex it's worldwide problem, technology making us more lazy to go outside, but analogue photography making us more and more go outside for lomowalk =)

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