Analogue Landscapes by Tim Hollister


Despite the existence of many other options in photography, photographer Tim Hollister of Australia continues to shoot in analogue format.

Photo by Tim Hollister via _I Still Shoot Film_

*Tim Hollister* hails from Newcastle in New South Wales, and has been photographing for quite some time now. He shoots mostly with his Olympus Trip and Nikon L35, and lists Fuji films and the Ilford Delta as his favorite emulsions.

Photos by Tim Hollister via _I Still Shoot Film_

As much as he enjoys analogue and “new technology” equally, Hollister said in a feature on _I Still Shoot Film_ that he finds the former to be “a far more rewarding and permanent process…” “There’s a patience and education required, more thought and creative input at the front end rather than after the fact, I guess that’s what I really enjoy,” he said. Hollister also likes how most of the cameras don’t rely on batteries, “which means carrying a working camera is simple and reflects the lifestyle I’d like to maintain.”

Photos by Tim Hollister via _I Still Shoot Film_

Hollister’s photographs that can be found in the abovementioned feature depicts a few different things, most of which are natural and urban landscapes. You may see some of them throughout this feature.

All information in this article were sourced from I Still Shoot Film.

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